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The public’s input concerning recreation needs, preferences, and opinions regarding the condition of existing facilities and resources are integral to developing New Mexico's Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan.


Your input can help the planning team gain a better understanding of:

  • What are the strengths of New Mexico’s outdoor recreation opportunities, including events and facilities;

  • Outdoor recreation opportunities that are underutilized or underdeveloped including events and facilities;

  • Areas and places that are lacking recreation opportunities/facilities and what types of outdoor recreation facilities  would provide these areas with the greatest benefits;

  • Strengths, weaknesses, issues, and opportunities of outdoor recreation resources on public lands; and

  • Opinions of out of state visitors regarding strengths, issues, and opportunities for current outdoor recreation resources in New Mexico.

Share your ideas!

Take a survey. This is a great way to provide input.​​

If you're a resident of New Mexico, please take the Community Survey so we understand community and stakeholder priorities. ​

If you're a outdoor recreation service provider (local government), please contact us to take the Service Provider Survey to share what resources are available, what are lacking, and detailed information about inventory.​

Si usted es residente de Nuevo México, por favor tome la Encuesta Comunitaria para que entendamos las prioridades de la comunidad y las partes interesadas.

If you're a visitor to our beautiful state, please take the Visitor Survey so we understand what is important to visitors.

  • Website and Social Media Announcements will inform all interested members of the public and stakeholders of the purpose, process, and recommendations of the plan. Stay tuned for updates with the results from each milestone—sign up to get on our list. You will be able to provide comments until the plan is final.  

  • Virtual Town Halls will offer online presentations and opportunities for community input. The first of these virtual town hall meetings will be held in early 2021 once preliminary analysis has been completed. Stay tuned. 

  • Stakeholder Meetings with outdoor recreation stakeholders to discuss ideas and issues will be held throughout the process. 

Focus Groups


Four Focus Groups will convene throughout the planning process comprised of interested public agency staff and private citizens to explore the following topics:

  • Outdoor Recreation Trends and Economic Development  – This group will inform the team about the Department of Tourism's Destination Development Roadmap (DDR) and provide case studies regarding outdoor recreation successes and potentials in New Mexico:  

    • Gather and summarize data on outdoor recreation trends for both the nation and New Mexico; and

    • Collect, analyze and summarize data concerning the economic impact of outdoor recreation in New Mexico, and specifically State Parks. 

  • Inventory – This group will help bring together existing outdoor recreation-related GIS efforts and other inventory gathered through such efforts as the State's DDR, State Forestry’s Forest Action Plan, Western New Mexico University datasets, and State Parks.

  • Resource Protection ​– This group consists of experts and citizens interested in identifying key resource protection issues related to outdoor recreation (e.g. fire safety, forest protection), along with assisting in wetlands resource inventory and prioritization.

  • Outdoor Education – This group will help identify resources for outdoor learning and will devise an overarching strategy to create more opportunities for students throughout New Mexico to learn outdoors.  It involves multiple partners, including the Public Education Department, Higher Education Department, and Early Childhood Education and Care Department and supports the main pillars of outdoor education—curriculum-based and standards-aligned programming, teacher and other educator training, access (including transportation), and field and teacher resources.

The first focus groups are scheduled in late November and early December. More will be scheduled as the plan develops. Contact us if you want to participate in a focus group.​

Project Timeline


The 2021-2026 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) is in accordance with the Land and Water Conservation Fund State Assistance Program Federal Financial Assistance Manual Volume 69 and the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965.

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